About Us

Our heartfelt journey unfolds on the west side of Chicago, a community grappling with the harsh realities of crime, poverty, and substance abuse. In the midst of these challenges, our brand emerges as a beacon of hope, striving to authentically represent the voices and stories of the resilient residents of Chicago. With a deep sense of purpose, we aim to not only inspire hope but also catalyze positive change within our community.


Port of Chicago by People of Color is more than just a brand; it's a vibrant tribute to the diverse tapestry of Chicago culture. As pioneers in the streetwear scene, we artfully capture and express the stories of minorities through our thoughtfully designed garments. Our brand is a platform that amplifies marginalized voices, skillfully weaving together a mosaic of stories and cultural heritage. Through collaborations with talented artists, each piece emerges as a unique work of art, sparking meaningful conversations and fostering unity within our community through streetwear.